We are Jeremy Adams and Dane Andrews, two college students researching a novel fusion concept known as the polywell fusion reactor. This site serves to document the engineering and experimental trials of our reactor. For up to date information on the progress of our polywell, see The Polywell page.


Since 1993

The Polywell

Nuclear fusion has the potential to revolutionize clean energy around the world. The polywell is one approach to fusion that combines aspects of inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) and magnetic plasma confinement. Blending these aspects into a simple design gives the polywell potential as a breakthrough fusion technology. However, more research and funding is needed to determine the polywell's feasibility as a clean energy source. We aspire to conduct professional quality polywell research with minimal expenses. We plan to experimentally measure plasma potentials and plasma loss rates as functions of magnetic pressure, varying geometries, plasma injection, and other parameters. Our Blog provides detailed open source information on operating a polywell reactor and data collection methods.