We are Jeremy Adams and Dane Andrews, two college students fascinated with plasma physics and modern fusion research. Our quest for fusion started as freshman in high school in Jeremy's garage where we constructed a Farnsworth-Hirsch demo reactor. While a great introduction to the basics of fusion, we soon realized the Farnsworth-Hirsh reactor had little relevance to professional fusion research -- being proven inefficient long ago.

The polywell approach bridges amateur and professional fusion research, enabling relevant and novel exploration of applied plasma physics and fusion reactor design. With our polywell, we plan to measure electron and ion potentials, injection beam currents, and plasma loss rates as a function of magnetic pressure.

Outside of fusion, we enjoy several other passions. Jeremy attends Pomona College and competes for their nationally ranked DIII cross country and track team. He also plays drums for multiple bands including a Chicago-based group named "Corn On My Dinner Plate."

Dane attends the University of Michigan and works on their Mars Rover team. He plays the piano, saxophone, and also codes websites (like this one!).


A sincere thanks to

  • Dane's dad, Mr. Dean Andrews for his donation of warehouse space to the project.
  • Contributors who have collectively provided thousands of dollars in project funding through a Kickstarter campaign and other private contributions.
  • Dr. Matthew Moynihan for his continual support and advice.